Hi, my name is Yuji. 你好! 我是Yuji。


(All the Chinese phrases have been Google Translated. 所有中文短語都是由谷歌翻譯。)

Hi, my name is Yuji. I am an owner of 2 online English schools. Our students are Japanese, so if you don’t speak Japanese, unfortunately you can’t take our courses, but anyway, I can share the secret of learning languages quickly. 你好,我叫Yuji。 我是2所在線英語學校的老闆。 我們的學生都是日語,所以如果你不會說日語,很遺憾你不能參加我們的課程,但無論如何,我可以分享快速學習語言的秘訣。


At 8th of March 2019, I started learning Chinese. 2019年3月8日,我開始學習中文。


I googled and found an App “Tandem”, so that I can find some language partners. 我用Google搜索並找到了一個應用程序“Tandem”,這樣我就可以找到一些語言合作夥伴。


I met so many nice people there, so I thought I will give back some benefit to those people – and that’s why I am writing this article. 我在那裡認識了很多好人,所以我想我會給那些人一些好處 – 這就是我寫這篇文章的原因。


A lot of people seem to be impressed by my English. I also speak German, Russian and Spanish. People think I am genius, but unfortunately I am not. 我的英語似乎給很多人留下了深刻的印象。 我還會講德語,俄語和西班牙語。 人們認為我是天才,但不幸的是我不是。



If you know very simple steps, anyone can learn how to speak different languages! So I am going to share the steps hereby. 如果你知道非常簡單的步驟,任何人都可以學習如何說不同的語言! 所以我將在此分享這些步驟。



Step 1. Get motivated 步驟1.獲得動力

The very first thing you need to do is to get motivated. 你需要做的第一件事就是獲得動力。

For me – it’s people. 對我來說 – 這是人。

I have met a few really nice people on Tandem, and just talking with them gives me the greatest motivation. I guess finding people is one of the best ways! 我在Tandem遇到了一些非常好的人,只是和他們交談給了我最大的動力。 我想找人是最好的方法之一!


Step 2. Set your goal 第2步。設定你的目標

The goal has to be situational. Not numerical. 目標必須是情境化的。 不是數字。

Some people said they wanted to increase their TOEIC score, but it is normally inefficient way of setting a goal, especially if you want to “speak” the language. 有些人說他們想提高他們的TOEIC分數,但這通常是設定目標的低效方式,特別是如果你想“說”這種語言。


For me? “In August, there will be a lot of Taiwanese people in my town. I will have brief conversation with them, and will have a small town tour with them in Chinese!” 對我來說? “8月份,我鎮裡會有很多台灣人。我會和他們進行簡短的交談,然後和他們一起用中文進行小鎮遊覽!”


Step 3. Get your border free! 第3步。免費獲得您的邊界!

A lot of people have borders in having face-to-face communication with different culture. 許多人與不同的文化進行面對面的交流有邊界。

You can’t speak English? Don’t worry! Just looking at the face from the other country and trying to talk gives you a feeling of international communication. 你不會說英語嗎? 別擔心! 只是看著來自其他國家的面孔並試著說話,讓你有一種國際交流的感覺。

The important thing is to emotionally associated with the language and culture – and the best way is to have a face-to-face conversation. 重要的是在情感上與語言和文化聯繫在一起 – 最好的方式是進行面對面的交談。

There is no risk in having a video chat through Tandem, so if you use this app, just start having video chat with them! 通過Tandem進行視頻聊天沒有風險,因此如果您使用此應用程序,只需開始與他們進行視頻聊天!


You feel shy? Of course! Everybody is shy. You just have to turn on the video, and you will be able to overcome your fear. 🙂 你感到害羞嗎? 當然! 每個人都很害羞。 你只需打開視頻,就能克服恐懼。:)


Step 4. Secret of learning languages 第4步。學習語言秘密

So here’s the secret. 所以這就是秘密。

Now you have a situational goal. You know what conversation you will have. You simply write it down. 現在你有一個情境目標。 你知道你會有什麼對話。 你只需寫下來。

For me, this is what I have been learning. 對我來說,這就是我一直在學習的東西。


*This is what really makes your language skills better* *這真正使你的語言技能更好*

-Prepare a conversational phrases.  – 準備一個會話短語。

-Google Translate, and ask your Tandem friends to have correct sentences. -Google翻譯,並要求你的Tandem朋友有正確的句子。

-Ask your Tandem friends to teach you pronunciation.  – 請你的Tandem朋友教你發音。

-Only 20 sentences maximum, in 2 weeks.  – 最多只有20個句子,在2週內。

-How to memorize: you only need to read it out, everyday. (*IMPORTANT* You have to speak out! Use your mouth! That activates your brain.)  – 如何記住:你每天只需要閱讀它。 (*重要*你必須說出來!用你的嘴!激活你的大腦。)

-You will be reading the same sentences again and again, for 2 weeks.  – 你將會一次又一次地閱讀相同的句子,為期2週。


How to increase your vocabulary 如何增加你的詞彙量


Brains of the humans are indeed incredible. 人類的大腦確實令人難以置信。

They memorize everything. 他們記住一切。

If you can’t memorize certain things – maybe you are using your brain wrong. 如果你不能記住某些事情 – 也許你的大腦錯了。

From the bottom line, here’s how you memorize the words. 從底線開始,這是你記憶單詞的方式。


For example, if you want to learn a word “perplexing”, 複雑的, this is what you do. 例如,如果你想學習一個單詞“perplexing”,复雑的,這就是你要做的。


-Look at the word(中文), while read out the word(英文) (Again, use your mouth)  – 看看這個詞(中文),同時讀出這個詞(英文)(再次,用你的嘴)

-Do it 28 times. (14 days, in the morning and in the evening)  – 這28次。 (14天,早上和晚上)

– One word requires you 10 seconds to speak out the words while looking at the meaning – so if you take 15 minutes every morning and every evening, you can memorize  90 words in two weeks. – 一個詞需要你10秒鐘才能看出這些詞語 – 所以如果你每天早上和每天晚上花15分鐘,你可以在兩週內記住90個單詞。


*IMPORTANT* Do not try to hide the word. You just simply have to look at the word and speak it out. *重要*不要試圖隱藏這個詞。 你只需要看看這個詞然後說出來。


Now, you might be thinking. 現在,你可能在想。

“Really? Can I remember by doing that? So how come do people forget?” “真的嗎?我能記住這樣做嗎?那麼人們怎麼會忘記?”

The answer is: you are not forgetting – you are only overwriting the information! 答案是:你不會忘記 – 你只是覆蓋了這些信息!

When you hide the words and try to remember, this is what’s happening in your brain. 當你隱藏單詞並試著記住時,這就是你大腦中正在發生的事情。

“Oh, perplexing… what was it… what was it…??” “哦,perplexing……它是什麼……它是什麼……?”

And brain remembers whatever is repeated. 大腦會記住重複的一切。

Which means, your brain memorizes “Perplexing = what is this?” 這意味著,你的大腦會記住 “perplexing=它是什麼?”

I hope this makes sense for you! 我希望這對你有意義!


Summary 摘要

So, in short, 所以,總之,

1. Jump on Video Chat! 跳轉視頻聊天!

2. Prepare dialogue text! 準備對話文本!

3. Ask me anything, I am willing to answer! 問我什麼,我願意回答!


That’s it! Thanks for reading. 🙂 而已! 謝謝閱讀。:)